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Addiction & Recovery Educational Class

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SMART Recovery
Addiction & Recovery Educational Class

Changing Habit Patterns or Addictions for Good:
An Overview of REBT and SMART® Recovery Methods
a public educational class/workshop for self-improvement
Presented by: Anderson (Andy) Orr, M.Ed, MRE, LCAS
This workshop was offered in 2012 and is NOT being offered in Feb of 2013
If you're interested in participating in a future workshop please
email or call Andy Orr" andyorrabc@gmail.com or 919.274.8001

This basic training session will introduce you to effective strategies for replacing dysfunctional thinking-feeling-behaving reaction patterns (a.k.a., bad habits or addictions) with more productive, practical, and satisfying responses. The two hour class will present the fundamental concepts and methods of REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) and SMART® (Self-Management And Recovery Training). Learning how to understand and, more importantly, how to practice REBT principles can help you develop and maintain healthier and more functional mental-emotional-behavioral habits.
For people interested in changing counter-productive habits that have turned addictive, the insights and techniques of REBT are also at the core of SMART's self-help methods and SMART's free peer led "mutual-help meetings" for overcoming addictive behaviors. Developing a basic grasp of REBT can help "make sense" of the SMART program more quickly and attending SMART meetings more rewarding and enjoyable.
The goal of this class, is to help you get started, or to continue, using REBT/SMART methods to: improve your emotional intelligence, relate more effectively with people (especially those most important to you) and increase your overall satisfaction with life.
Practicing REBT and SMART techniques can help you reduce or eliminate your regrettable reaction patterns and addictive behaviors because you will...
  • think better - and make better choices by learning to recognize, dispel, and replace "irrational" beliefs and thoughts with a more realistic, sensible, and productive set of thinking skills
  • feel better - by learning ways you can, in fact, "help how you feel" and use techniques for reducing the frequency, intensity, and duration of unpleasant and disturbing emotions
  • do better - by learning how you can act and react more constructively when facing difficult people, unpleasant situations, and unfortunate life events.

Disclaimer: Anderson D. Orr, M.Ed., LCAS offers this class as a public service for the purpose of presenting informational/educational material about strategies for self-help or self-improvement. Payment of the registration fee and participation in the class does not constitute, nor is it to be construed as, a contract or agreement to enter a relationship of professional clinical services with Anderson D.Orr. No client/patient relationship or responsibility to or with Anderson D. Orr is implied or intended by this class. Any and all consequences, whether positive or negative, resulting from a participant acting upon material presented in this class are the sole responsibility of the participant and Anderson D. Orr shall not be deemed responsible nor liable.